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Southeastern Dental’s Technology

Ultrasonic Instrumentation – Our office loves to use ultrasonic instrumentation to clean around and below the gumline! It uses soft pulses with a water mist to gently remove plaque, calculus (tartar), and stain quickly. It has other supplemental benefits that aid in actual destruction of oral bacteria, not simply removal.

Arestin – This therapy can dramatically and quickly help encourage reduction of periodontal pocket depths after scaling procedures. It uses a localized antibiotic to discourage the oral bacterial re-growth AND aid in healing post therapies.

Oraqix – This is a lidocaine (local anesthetic) gel that is applied to the periodontal pocketing during scaling therapies. It offers the option of not having to have a traditional injection for pain management and is usually VERY effective at “numbing” the area!

Antioxidant Gels and Supplements – Applications involving antioxidants are showing exciting promise for a long-term change after periodontal therapies. The antioxidants help strengthens the host’s, or patient’s, response to the treatment provided. When used over time, the results show a more intense improvement towards health in the previously diseased periodontium. These can be applied in office as a topical gel.

Supplies for Purchase – We believe in the products we sell! The following can be purchased in-office to help with a healthier mouth at home: