29607 Dentist

When you are faced with a dental emergency, having a dependable, compassionate 29607 dentist just a phone call away can offer some peace of mind. At the office of Linda W. Bridges, DDS, we prioritize your urgent call and will get you the care you need as promptly as possible. Our team of professionals strives to allay any worry or anxiety you may experience during a dental emergency, helping you feel better as soon as you walk through our doors.

29607 Dentist

A dental emergency may be an unpredictable event, but it helps to have a plan in place and a 29607 dentist you can count on. We encourage you to call us right away if you are experiencing a toothache or a dental injury, or if you have broken your dental prosthetic. A toothache encompasses a spectrum of unpleasant sensations, such as a persistent discomfort, a sharp pain when biting down or sensitivity to hot and cold. These symptoms may indicate a serious underlying condition and require immediate attention. Furthermore if an infection has developed, you may also experience greater discomfort, as well as a fever. Whatever the case may be, our dentist will promptly diagnose the cause of your toothache, providing much needed relief and preventing subsequent damage. If your tooth is injured in an accident, it is also important to act fast. Waiting too long or ignoring the problem increases the risk for irreversible damage, while seeking attention right away allows us to deliver precise, gentle and effective care. Not all dental emergencies, however, involve pain or injury; a broken denture or bridge can affect your life in other ways, compromising your ability to eat, speak and smile.  Our compassionate, experienced dentist will repair or replace your prosthesis without delay, so that you won’t have to put your life on hold.

At the office of Linda W. Bridges, DDS, we provide the personalized, quality dental care, when you need it the most. Our 29607 dentist and professional staff strive to make dental emergencies easier to manage. To learn more about what to do in case of a dental emergency, call today.

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