Where can I find a Greenville Sedation Dentist?

Did you know that a large number of people avoid going to the dentist altogether because of anxiety? One of the major issues with avoiding treatment from the dentist is that conditions can worsen over time, requiring more extensive therapy in the long run. Instead of risking the health of your smile, come and visit your Greenville sedation dentist office, where we offer several options to help you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Greenville Sedation Dentist

Offering conscious sedation for patients who are nervous about their treatment, here at Southeastern Dental our experienced Greenville sedation dentist can help put your mind at ease during your entire procedure. Dr. Bridges is highly experienced in a wide range of dental services and can provide the gentle and effective treatment you need. Whether you’re due for your next checkup or need more complex care, we’ll do our best to help make you as comfortable as can be while restoring your oral health.

There are a variety of conscious sedation options, so talk to your Greenville sedation dentist about the most suitable method for you. One of the most common forms of conscious sedation is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Inhaled directly through the nose, the effects are nearly immediate and has the added benefit of wearing off very quickly afterwards. In some cases, oral sedatives may be prescribed and taken in advance of your treatment. Oral sedatives can make you feel very relaxed but, with effects that can last for hours after your appointment, patients who opt for this method typically require an escort to and from the dental office.

Our number one concern is your safety and overall health. No matter which method of sedation you choose, you can count on our team to carefully monitor the dosage and effects of your sedation throughout your treatment. To learn more about how conscious sedation can make your visit more comfortable call Southeastern Dental today.

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