Where can I get Greenville Dental Implants?

A missing tooth can impact the look, health and function of your smile, as well as have an effect on your self-image. At the office of Southeastern Dental, Dr. Linda Bridges and her experienced team believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. For patients looking to reestablish a complete smile, we offer a range of prosthodontics solutions including fixed bridges and Greenville dental implants.

Greenville Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the most advanced method for the replacement of missing teeth that is available today. Closely replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth, dental implants are a popular choice in care. According to statistics, thus far three million people in the United States have had their smiles rebuilt with dental implants. As one of Greenville’s leading dental offices, Southeastern Dental is proud to offer this outstanding option in care.

When a tooth is extracted, the bone where the tooth once stood can resorb and diminish support of the natural contours of your face. When the jawbone does not receive the continuous stimulation from the roots of the teeth with oral function, there is a loss of bone volume. Since, a Greenville dental implant behaves in much the same way as the roots of your own teeth, the jawbone maintains its form without shrinkage. Greenville dental implants not only preserve the jawbone, they also provide unrivaled stability for the placement of a dental crown, bridge or overdenture.

If a missing tooth has you feeling down about your oral health, ask Dr. Bridges about Greenville dental implants. As a skilled and experienced provider of care, Dr. Bridges is well equipped to help you reestablish a complete and beautiful smile. For more information about our comprehensive menu of services, or to schedule an appointment for care, please call Southeastern Dental today.

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