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Where can I find a Greenville dental office?

Did you know that neglecting basic oral hygiene and skipping regular appointments with your Greenville dental office can have serious consequences for your oral health? When the standards for good hygiene are not met, an accumulation of dental plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Though they are the most prevelant dental problems, both can be almost entirely prevented with a properly-maintained hygiene regimen at home combined with regularly scheduled dental examinations and teeth cleaning treatments with Dr. Linda Bridges of Southeastern Dental. At our practice, Dr. Bridges views it as her mission to help her patients attain the most beautiful, healthy smiles possible with our preventive program of dental healthcare.

Greenville Dental Office

By making semi-annual appointments with South Carolina’s premier Greenville dental office, as recommended by the American Dental Association, you are taking an essential step in ensuring the long-lasting health of your smile. While it may be tempting to skip an appointment or two when you have no problematic symptoms, that may prove costly down the road, as more extensive therapies become needed to correct problems that were not detected earlier on.

During your appointment, Dr. Bridges will teach you all the tips you need to know to benefit the most from your hygiene regimen, including proper technique for brushing and flossing. You may be surprised to find that those basics go a long way! As part of your smile examination, Dr. Bridges will take the opportunity to screen for gum disease and oral cancer, and will also perform a professional-strength teeth cleaning. For pediatric patients, Dr. Bridges and her team believe that creating beautiful smiles early on will lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and we give them a boost with fluoride treatments and dental sealants for our younger patients.

When its time to scheduling your dental checkups, call your Greenville dental office, Southeastern Dental. We are here to help you and all the members of your family feel and look your very best.

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