Where can I find 29607 Clear Correct Braces?

Here at Southeastern Dental, Dr. Linda Bridges and her team are proud to offer patients orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect® clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces. With 29607 ClearCorrect braces, crooked, crowded, or gapped smiles can be corrected with a virtually invisible, comfortable and convenient method of care.

29607 Clear Correct Braces

The ClearCorrect system uses a series of customized aligners that are similar to a small mouth guards or whitening trays, and made of BPA-free clear plastic. Worn as a prescribed sequence of custom aligners, ClearCorrect appliances gently and gradually guide your teeth into their correct positions. While using the same controlled and precise orthodontic forces as other methods of care, your 29607 ClearCorrect braces do not require the usual orthodontic wires or brackets. Although, metal braces are much lower profile than they were in the past, many adults prefer the appearance and ease clear aligners to the visible wires, brackets, and rubber bands that are part and parcel of other orthodontic treatment modalities. Additionally, ClearCorrect aligners are smooth to the touch for less soft tissue irritation, less bite interference, and greater comfort.

ClearCorrect treatment offers an overall more convenient option for straightening your teeth. You can remove the aligners easily for short periods of time, so there are no restrictions on what foods you can eat and cleaning your teeth can be perform without the interference of orthodontic appliances. That makes it possible to enjoy a romantic dinner, a business meeting or lunch gathering without worrying about food getting stuck in your braces.

At Southeastern Dental we’ll carefully explain how to wear your aligners for maximum effectiveness and the best ways to keep your 29607 ClearCorrect braces in perfect condition. For more information on ClearCorrect treatment and our many other advanced options in care, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda Bridges, give us a call today.

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